Тест по английскому языку в 10 классе. УМК Spotlight 10. Модуль 3

Test . Module 3.
Fill in the necessary word.
Skills, uniform, sound, boarding, attend, beamed, poorly, shifts, actions, armed.
Some types of schools are expensive private ___ schools.
We train very hard, but these ___ will help me earn living.
Jeffery works in hospital and he works ___.
I have got a lot of ideas and when I return, we put them into ___.
Students who ___ classes here are going to become famous people.
Do you have to wear a ___ to school?
You must be fit and healthy if you want a career in ___ forces.
Sally’s mother ___ with pride as she watched her win the race.
Some nurses are so ___ paid they have to get a second job.
He was ___ asleep in spite of all the noise.
Choose the correct preposition.
I am going to pick on/up my sister from school.
Don’t pick on/at him.
Harry is responsible to/for arranging the party.
My dad is in/at charge of twenty people.
No wonder she is thin. She only picks up/at her food.
Put the verbs in the brackets into correct future form.
I ( travel) around the world when I leave school.
Imagine. This time tomorrow I ( sit) by the pool enjoying coffee.
Don’t worry! He ( finish) the translation by tomorrow morning.
We ( meet) Jane later for coffee. Why don’t you join us?
You must be starving. I ( cook) you something nice!
When ( you/fly) to New York? – Tomorrow morning.
The kids ( go) to bed by 10 o’clock.
Use my pencil. - Thanks. I ( give) it back in a minute.
I’m sure Thomas ( become) a great artist.
Look at the traffic! We ( be late) for work again.
Fill in the correct word derived from the word in bold.
The ____ searched through old documents for many years. HISTORY
The ___ was busy all day, tiding shelves. LIBRARY
The drum ___ received a storm of applauses. SOLO
William is a new managing ___ now. DIRECT
They don’t have a ___ they do the landscaping themselves. GARDEN
He usually hires a ___ when he does business in China. TRANSLATE

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