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style.colorfillcolorstroke.colorfill.typestyle.colorfillcolorstroke.colorfill.type Can you count?One puppy, two puppies, three puppies, four, Five puppies, six puppies, seven puppies …How many puppies?

rrrr Do the sums{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}7 + 12 = 49 + 22 =33 + 44 = 58 + 10 = 38 – 15 = 14 – 4 =21 – 9 = 92 - 20 =
style.rotation What am I?{8A107856-5554-42FB-B03E-39F5DBC370BA}

Unscramble the names of the animals{ED083AE6-46FA-4A59-8FB0-9F97EB10719F}G D OEPHLEATN MUOESH R O E SW A H L ET A C Write down the words123456
Remember sounds and write down the words [pli:z] - [bu:k] - [faıv] - [blæk] - [maus] - Find the opposites{5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}blackyes up hello small light good new long no downwhitebigdarkgoodbyeshortbadoldstyle.textDecorationUnderline NAME 5 THINGS THAT PEOPLE WARE

Listen and colour the children's clothes

Competition for support groupsPlease, try to remember any poem and recite it

«Tongue twister» Captain’s competitionA big black bug bit a big brown dog on his big black nose!(say 3 times)

The capital of Great Britain is …LONDONMOSCOWPARIS
style.colorfillcolorstroke.colorfill.type Where can you see a kangaroo not in the zoo?AUSTRALIAAFRICAEUROPE
style.colorfillcolorstroke.colorfill.type Where do men wear skirts?SCOT LANDITALYCHINA
style.colorfillcolorstroke.colorfill.type {5C22544A-7EE6-4342-B048-85BDC9FD1C3A}FINISHWhat is it? Thanks for playing!

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