Тест по английскому языку Visiting Britain

Test. “ Visiting Britain”.
I. Complete the sentences. Use the prepositions for, by, far, on, in, to, from ,as.
1. There are a lot of bridges … the Thames.
2. The Queen of British lives … Buckingham Palace.
3. Take a taxi… the railway station.
4. Is the bus stop … from here?
5. Do you usually go … bus?
6. Can we buy any tomatoes …the market?
7. We decided to make a bus tour … London.
8. Walk as far … the church & turn left.
9. He works… ten to six.
10. The National Gallery is famous … its pictures.
II. Complete the sentences. Use any, much, many, few, little, a lot of.
1. How … money have you got?
2. Are there … bananas in the fridge?
3. She has got very …pens.
4. There is … water in the river in summer.
5. Has London got … tourists in summer?
6. I bought … souvenirs in the street market.
III.Translate.Городской центр, экскурсия по Канаде, памятник Пушкину, люди во всем мире, цветочный рынок, уютный ресторан, сувенирный магазин, добираться до школы, под мостом, старая железная дорога, станция метро, Зимний Дворец, идти прямо, поворачивать.IV. Complete the sentences, use the right form of adjectives.
Tom is ( young) than his friend Bob.
The coffee table is the ( low) of all the tables in the room.
Winters in England are not as ( cold) as in Russia.
She is the ( beautiful) girl in our class.
Cars are (slow) than planes.
Which mountain is the ( high) in the world?
They bought the (good) food in the shop.
The weather today is (bad) than yesterday.
We are the ( happy) in the world.
10.It is the (hot) day of the year.

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