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The 6th of October, Saturday Class work. Organization moment a) Greeting b) Duty's report Warm up. 1) Sound mind in a sound body. 2) An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Checking up the homework Ex 12 p 32 a) Listen to the dialogue and role-play it. b) Talking short story about illnesses. What can you advice for these illnesses? A bad headache A sore throat Flu Insomnia Coughs Toothache A high temperature. Drink warm liquids or take some honey. Go to the dentist. Go to bed early and rest. Take some aspirin. Drink warm milk with honey. Drink a large glass of warm milk. Call a doctor. START If you are ready for the lesson let’s Presentation Today the theme of our new lesson is “Sport Stars” KZ - What sports are popular in our country? Work with vocabulary. tennis [tenis ] – теннисSwimming [‘swimming] - жүзуSkiing [ski:ng] – шыңғы тебуBoxer [ boksә]- боксёр Basketball [ba:skitbo:l] - баскетболa weight – lifter [ weit liftә ] –ауыр көтеру Champion [tsәеmpion] – жеңімпаз Winner [winә ] – жеңуші Work with book. Listen, read the text and find the new information. Typical Kazakh Sports Kyz-kuu Kokpar Audaryspak togyskumalak basketball Young boys and girls are participants in this game. The girl on the horse does her best to gallop from the young man but as soon as the boy tries to overtake her she lashes him whip. One of the horse-riders with a goat’sCarcass in his hand faced far ahead.Other participants in the gamefollowed him. A champion-to-behad to have a quick horseto catch up with the jigitwith the goat’scarcass. In fact two men fight while on horse-back. Wins the one that brings his adversary down of his horse. The national like chess. Inside the board there are 9 numerals in each players have 81 small balls. There are 7 players in each team. It is played by women Conclusion Write words for each letter of the given word. S p o r t S t a r s Your home – work is your classmate’s, liking sport. Send “a letter” to your favorite Sport Star Our lesson is over! Good bye!

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