Урок английского языка Чтение книг Марка Твена

Тема: «The prince and the pauper» by M. Twain.
Цель: Формирование творчески развитой личности.
Задача: Привитие любви к чтению и интереса к изучению иностранного языка и стране изучаемого языка.
Оборудование урока: Рисунки учащихся, оборудование уголка из комнаты принца, раздаточный материал.
Ход урока: Приветствия. Ответы каждого учащегося на вопросы учителя:Howareyou? How are things?
Today we have a lot of quests at our lesson. Some of they will take part in it. Today we’ll say good-bye tour first English book. «The prince and the pauper». We’ll come across the pages of this interesting book again.
But today I need an assistant. You know my assistant very well, but I want you to guess her name. Listen to her description.
She is a girl. She studies in the 10-th form. She is one of my best pupils. She is a very clever girl. She is pretty and good-looking. She is tall and thin.Her face is oval. Her nose is short and straight. Her hair is long, dark and straight. She is a sister of one of you. What is her name?
Do you want to know anything more about her? Ask her questions about her family, her studies, hobby.
Учащиеся задают вопросы.
And now let’s speak about the book «The Prince and the Pauper». Can you tell me who wrote this book? (Mark Twain)
Let’s speak about some facts from M. Twain’s life. (уч-ся по цепочке рассказывают биографию М. Твена).
Mark Twain is my favorite writer. He was born in America in 1835. His real name was Samuel Clemens. After school he worked as a sailor. In California M. Twain wrote his first short story. He wrote many interesting books. I like his book «The Prince and the Pauper» very much. In 1876 the book «The adventures of Tom Sawyer» came out. The main character of this book American boy Tom Sawyer by name. The book tells us about his life and adventures. It is very funny and interesting. Boys and girls in many countries read and like this book very much.
You see sheets of paper on your tables, let’s work with them.
And now tell me what proper names can be found in the book. (уч-ся работают с карточками)
а) главные герои книги;
б) места, где происходят события в книге.
All of you have favorite passages in the book. I want you to read them.
(уч-ся читают отрывки из книг)
And now listen to me very attentively. I’ll read you some sentences and you agree or disagree with me.
Many years ago two boys were born in New York.
Edward Tudor was born into a family of a pauper, and Tom Canty was born into a very rich family.
Tom wanted to see a real prince very much, so he want to Westminster-the king’s palace.
The boys exchanged their clothes, and they looked like twins.
The boys from Offal Court beat the prince and laughed at him.
All the people in the palace thought that the prince was mad.
Tom didn’t want to be the king of England, he wanted to go back home to Offal Court.
Edward liked his new friend Miles Hendon very much, and Miles Hendon liked him too.
Edward ordered to give Tom a good house to live there with his mother and two sisters.
Miles Hendon left Edward and went to live in his poor room in the inn.
На доске записаны ключевые слова, относящиеся к действующим лицам книги. (необходимопоменятькарточки)
Change the names if it necessary.
Tom Canty.
Now let’s speak about the main characters of the book.
а) Рассказ о Томе.
б) Рассказ о семье Тома.
в) РассказобЭдварде
Tom went to the king’s palace and saw Edward. The prince took him into his room.
Let’s imagine that we are in Westminster in the prince’s room.
Close your eyes and say what you see in the room.
Звучит музыка, учащиеся описывают комнату принца.(с закрытыми глазами)
Openyoureyesandlisten.(сцена из книги, когда Том и Эдвард меняются одеждой)
What can you tell about these boys? (They are alike).
Tell me, what proverb can be used here?(уч-ся называют пословицу, которую выучили в течение года).
Every bird likes its own nest.
(Всяк кулик свое болото хвалит)
(Всякая птица свое гнездо любит)
And what about Edward?
Рассказ об Эдварде во Дворе Отбросов.
What proverb can be used here?
(East or West-home is best)
В гостях хорошо, а дома лучше
But Edward met not only bad people in offal Court.
He met .. (Miles Hendon)
Рассказ о Майлзе Хендоне)
What proverb is suitable here?
( A friend in need is a friend indeed)
( Друг познается в беде )
There was an unusual hero in the book.
Can you tell his name?
Уч-ся: Humphrey Marlow.
Сценка: Встреча Тома с мальчиком для побоев.
Вопросы уч-ся:
What did you feel when you read about that boy?
Do you want to have such a boy at home?
And what is the end of the book?
(Edward became the king of England he gave Tom and his mother, and his two sisters a nice house, and Miles Hendon became his friend and a Lord).
What proverb can be usedthere?
“ A good need is never lost”
(Доброе дело даром не проходит)
(Доброе добром поминается)
The book has a happy end.
Let’s remember our last proverb.
“All is well that ends well”
(Все хорошо, что хорошо кончается)
(Добрый конец всему делу венец)
And now, look at your pictures.
I think that it can be the book in pictures.
I have the first page of the book. It’s your first book you’ve read in English,
remember it.
I hope that you want say good-bye to Mark Twain and his other books, because they are very, very interesting too.
Слова уч-цы 10 кл.:I see that you like the book “The Prince and the Pauper“.
As I’ve come to you for the first time I brought you a present. Two more quest came with me at your lesson. I want you to meet them, listen to them and then tell what their names are, and from what book they are.
Сценка по книге «Приключение Тома Сойера».
Учитель показывает книги на стенде.
Выставка книг М. Твена, которые есть в школьной библиотеке.
Our lesson is coming up to the end. I hope that you’ll never forget your first book that you’ve read in English. Thank you very much for your work at the lesson.

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