Контрольная работа по английскому языку (2 четверть)

Контрольная работа 5 класс (2 четверть).
A Fill in the correct word SHARP, LION, WILD, DANGEROUS, FUR, ELEPHANTS, WING, CROCODILE, LEGS, LEOPARD, PAWS.A…can stay under water for two hours.
My parrot can’t fly. He’s got a broken….
Koalas have got…claws for climbing.
Indian…have small ears.
Some snakes are…They can bite humans.
I like my dog’s soft, fluffy …
…animals don’t make good pets.
A…can run fast and has spots.
Giraffes are very tall with long, thin…
The…is the king of the jungle.
B Circle the odd one out.
Rabbit-dog-parrot-crocodile.C Classify the animals into 4 groups INSECTS, REPTILES, BIRDS, MAMMALS
Lion, cobra, deer, grasshopper, crocodile, frog, ant, cow, horse, kangaroo, peacock, tortoise, budgie, cat, beetle, koala, flamingo, ladybird.D Fill in the gaps with DO, DOES, DON’T, DOESN’T.
The tiger…eat grass.
Insects…eat meat.
…the rhino sit in water and mud?
…cobras have trunks?
Elephants…live in Russia.
…a zebra like eucalyptus leaves?
E Fill in the gaps with the verbs PLAYFUL, STRONG, WISE, SLOW, BUSY.
My small brother is as….as a kitten.
The boy is as…as an ox.
Mother is always as…as a bee.
Grannies are always as…as snails.
I want to be as…as an owl.

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