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Air pollution [eə] [pə ‘luːʃən] Occur [əˈkəː]Dust [dʌst] Harmful [‘hɑːmfʊl]Human [‘hjuːmən]Sources [‘sɔːsɪz] cleaning products [‘kliːnɪŋ] [‘prɒdʌkts] Pollutant [pəˈluːtənt] Air pollution occurs when gases, dust, or smoke are introduced into the atmosphere in a way that makes it harmful to humans, animals and plants. This is because the air becomes dirty. WHAT IS AIR POLLUTION? What causes Air Pollution?Air pollution can be from both human and natural actions. Pollution from nature is not very often. Air pollutionOutdoorIndoor Outdoor air pollution is caused by commercial and industrial sources. These sources are usually concentrated in big cities. The main producers of dangerous gases are factories and transport.Outdoor air pollution: We also cause it at home with the products we use. Air indoors can be polluted by cleaning products, dust, paint, insect sprays, cigarette smoke or from cooking.Indoor air pollution Some pollutants such as smoke and insect sprays can cause problems such as asthma. To reduce air pollution at home you should open the doors and windows 2-3 times a day, use natural cleaning products, and do not allow smoking. 1. Air pollution   2. Harmful3. Human4. Source  5. Cleaning  6. Pollutanta) capable of causing harm; injuriousf) Contamination of air by smoke and harmful gasese) consisting of peopled)any thing or place from which something comes, arises; originc) an act or instance of making cleanb) certain chemicals or waste products, that renders the air, soil, water harmful feadcb

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