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Air Pollution and Water Pollution The 30-th of November Pollution in the WORLD Pollution is very important problem in the world. Around us, there is lot’s of rubbish water is unhealthy and air is not clean. Litter around us People drop litter around and they don’t think about consequences. We should take thought about saving the environment. Because it is one of the biggest gifts of the life. We should try, to stop pollution growing. Water pollution. People throw out dust into the rivers Big tankers emit tons of oil into the sea water. Wild life suffers from this pollution Big factories pollute the air Car fumes pollute the air we breath The railways change the relief Environment problems One of the problem is acid rain with disastrous effects. This problem is formed of acid gas, because factories and cars throw out this in the air. What can we do? In my opinion, factories must be with filters, to made oxygen from the dioxide, also cars must be with filters, too. Acid rains Firstly, acid rain will destroy the plants and then we will don’t get the oxygen; secondly we will die, because we will not can breathe. In Europe, the main cause of the acid rain is caused by the release of sulphur dioxides, so little by little, in the rivers and oceans lots of fish will die. What has happened in our world? We can’t bath in the sea, because in the water are chemicals, after many years we will not have a normal place to spend our holidays, or bath. What has happened in our world? We can’t bath; we can’t drink clean water... So, what should we do? Firstly, to take thought about environment, and place which will be a home for our children. Today we don’t understand how important is live in the fresh air and drink clean water. But in time, we will appreciate the environment importance. We will understand it, when it’s been to late, to help the nature. So, as quickly as possible, we should start thinking about the ways of solution. And we should start from over selves controlling our behavior and taking positive actions.

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