Tours you will never forget (9 класс) — английский язык, уроки

Form 9 «А»
Theme: Tours you will never forgetAim of the teaching:
 Explain the new theme.
Talking about tours. Revise the Gerunds.
 Translate the text.
 Making texts using the diagrams.Type of the lesson: New lessonPlan:I. Organization- Good afternoon, pupils!- Good afternoon, teacher!- Who is on duty today?- I’m- Who is absent?II. Check - up the home task- What was your home task?- Exercise 11III Presentation.Ex 1 what do travel brochures advertise?
Do you think travel agencies help tourists?Ex 2 Read. What do travel agencies advertise? Do you think travel agencies help tourist?
Ex 3 Talk to your partner 
Speak about travel agencies using the diagram.
What else do travel agencies organize? 
Ex.4 make these questions.1. agency, is, kind of business, what, travel, a2. does, arrange, who, it, for, tour3. money, does, where, come, fromEx. 5 read the titles. You will never forget this tour! More than just a tour! Write down 2 nouns,3 adjectives and 3 verbs you expect to see in the main text.
NOUNS                          adjectives                         verbs__________             ___________________             _____________________
__________            ____________________             ______________________
                                   ____________________            ______________________
Ex7   Read the text ” More than just a tour! ”Ex 8 Read the words. Put noun, verb, and adjective near each word.A)ExcitingFabulousWinNight - clubPreservePoolLusciousTropicalMagnificentSurfDelightRelaxEnjoyOperaShowWildlife parkTheatreCasinoIslandb) Make sentences with them
Example. Enjoy our tropical island!
You will never forget our wildlife parks.
Relax by the pool, forget your problems.Ex9 Choose the correct wordThis thatThese thoseHere thereCome go1 I’d like to come/go away for a holiday again soon.2You must come /go and see us again one of these days.3 Let’s all come/go and Harry this weekend.4. I’ve found something very strange. Come/go and have a look.5. I’m afraid Mrs. Barnes is busy just now.Could you come/go back tomorrow morning?6 Do you know Africa?- No, I’ve never been here/there.- This/ that is my first visit!7 I’ll never forget this/that morning, 20 years ago, when I first saw Mrs. Newton.VII Result of the lessonVIII Home task. Ex.2 (b) p.18 (WB)IX Put marks

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