Spotlight 6. Test (Module 2- Here we are) — английский язык, тесты

Use the words from the frame to fill in the sentences.
Fridge / bed / washbasin /armchairs / sofa / wardrobe
1) There is a ___ in the hall.
2) There is a ___ in the kitchen.
3) There is a ___in the bathroom.
4) There are ___ and a ___ in the living room.
5) There is a ___ in the bedroom.
Fill in the prepositions of time in the following sentences (AT, ON, IN).
1. He goes to bed ___ 9 o’clock.
2. Jane’s birthday is ___ May.
3. My mum wakes up ___ 7 o’clock ___ the morning.
4. His friends play football ___ Fridays.
5. I visit my granny ___ the weekends.
Choose the correct word.
1. There is a/any wardrobe in the bedroom.
2. There is a/any fireplace in the living room.
3. There aren’t some/any paintings on the walls.
4. There aren’t any/a chairs in the dining room.
5. There is a/some/an armchair opposite the fireplace.
Fill in the prepositions of place in the following sentences.
under /next to/ in front of / in / between
1. Where is the cat? – It’s ___ the table.
2. Mike sits ___ the computer all day long.
3. I will put the flowers ___ the vase.
4. Jess sits ___ Peter in class. They are good friends.
5. Our house is ___ the park and the post office.
Match the questions with the answers.
1. Whose birtday is in winter? A. Today is the 9th of March.
2. What’s your favourite day of the week? B. It’s on the 12th of June.
3. When is your birthday? C. It’s Jack’s.
4. How old are you? D. It’s a quarter to nine.
5. What’s the date today? E. It’s Saturday!
6. What time is it? F. I am 12.
Write the time
15:27 , 10:50, 11:30, 8: 45, 18:00
Read the e-mail and mark the sentences as T (true) or F (false).
From: Andy
To: Darren
Subject: My new neighbourhood!
Hi, Darren!
How are you? My neighbourhood is great! There are lots of shops and cafes around. I even have a sports shop right opposite my house! My mum is very happy because there is a supermarket, a shopping centre and a chemist’s on our street. There is also a library next to the supermarket. I go there to read books on Sundays.
It’s really nice here. Why don’t you come and stay with me during the autumn holidays?
1. The e-mail is from Darren. ____
2. Andy likes his new neighbourhood. ____
3. There aren’t any shops. ____
4. There is a sports shop near his house. ____
5. There isn’t a chemist’s. ____
6. Darren can stay at Andy’s new house. ____

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