Контрольная работа по теме The Hidden Soul of Russia — английский язык, тесты

Test 4
Match the words with the definitions.
angry a) гостеприимный
weak b) нерешительный
hard-working c) терпеливый
generous d) слабый
ungenerous e) негостеприимный
hospitable f) сердитый
inhospitable g) нетерпеливый
determined h) трудолюбивый
undetermined i) скупой
patient j) щедрый
impatient k) решительный
Complete the sentences with the words so, since, because, as
The Snow Maiden lived in the house of the old man and his wife … they didn’t have their own children.
The old woman’s daughter was unfriendly, … Morozko punished her.
… Rus was rich in the forests, people made their houses of wood.
I stayed at home… I was sick.
Name the Russian craft.
It is painting on metal trays with a garden and wild flowers.
These are clay figures, decorated with golden leaves.
It’s Russian wood painting in red, black and gold colours.
It’s the Russian painting of boxes with folklore heroes.
It’s a style of ceramics to paint things in white and blue colours.
Complete the sentences with the words Matryoshka, valenki, shawls, villages, the Snow Maiden, Ilya Muromets, fortress, Ivan Susanin, Nightingale the Robber, whistle.
… lives in the palace in Kostroma.
The monument to… was made in Kostroma.
The word “kostroma” from the Finnish means …
… has many wooden dolls inside.
… are made in Orenburg, Pavlovsky Posad from wool or silk for cold weather.
… are hand-made boots for cold weather.
The Russian crafts were named after…
The monster could kill strangers with his powerful…
…is a bogatyr from Russian bylina.
…tried to kill Ilya Muromets, but nothing happened.
Describe any Russian hero from fairy-tale or bylina (5 sentences).

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