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Political systems of the English-speaking countries: the UK and the USASmirnova M., THE 10th year – course student. Actualization.We are school-students. We enjoy to study English. Now I am interested in political events of nowadays. It’s an urgent problem because of difficult situation between such great states: Russia and the USA. That’s why I’d like to explore how 3 branches of power operate in the main English speaking countries: the USA and the UK. You know they are closely connected with each other. In fact Americans are descendents of immigrants from England, Scotland, Ireland and other European places. Just now they are Americans. Hypothesis: There are similarities and differences in political systems of the UK and the USA.The aim my project is: to show how the political systems of English-speaking countries operate. Problems“Democracy”. What does it mean? All political systems are based on it.The political system of the UK.Branches of power in the UK.The political system of the USA.Branches of power in the USA.Should a politician be ideal? “Democracy”. What does it mean? All political systems are based on it.People rule the country.People do they want within the framework of law.People elect their representatives to rule country.People elect the head of state directly.People say what they think.People can live any place they choose.The head of state guarantees the rights of citizens.All people and authorities follow the constitution. The political system of the UK.There is parliamentary monarchy in the UK. Officially the Queen Elizabeth II is the Head of the state. But really the Prime-Minister rules the country. Branches of power in the UK.*Legislative branch of power is represented by the British Parliament. It consists of 2 Houses: the House of Lords(880 heredity peers, 26 spiritual peer, 270 life peers) and the House of Commons (450 elected members. The speaker…. Is the head of the House of Commons.There are 3 main parties in the UK: the Conservative (the leader is Teresa May) the Labour (Jeremy Corbin) the Liberal (the leader is Nick Clegg).Members of the House of Commons elect the Head of the state who is the Head of the British government. Executive branch of power. It is represented by the Government. The Prime Minister is the Head of it. What is she/he? He/she is a leader of the partly that has a majority seats in the House of Commons. He/she is also the head of the country. Today Teresa May is the Prime Minister and she really rules the country. The residence of the British Prime Minister is Downing- street,10.Judicial branch of power is divided into criminal court and civil court in the UK. The monarchIs the official head of state and an integral part of Parliament in her constructional role; has mostly representative functions; gives the royal assent to the bills passed by the House of Commons and the House of Lords; is the head of Commonwealth of Nations.The GovernmentThe Prime MinisterIs the head of government; is the leader of the party with the majority seats in House of CommonsThe CabinetAbout 20 ministers; determines government policies and coordinates government departments.Non-Cabinet MinistersParliamentThe House of Commons(about 650 elected MPs Parliament) makes laws; discusses political problemsThe Official OppositionThe largest opposition party; forms the Shadow CabinetThe House of Lords(over 1 100 permanent, non-elected members; peers and life peers) examines and revises bills from the Hose of Commons; can delay bills for on yearThe people Elizabeth, II, the British Queen Teresa May, the UK Prime –Minister (Conservative party) John Bercow, the speaker of the House of CommonsNick Cregg, the leader of the Liberal PartyJeremy Corbin, the leader of the Labour Party The political system of the USA.Barak Obama was a president ( 2008-2016)Hillary Clinton (the candidate for being a president).- Donald Trump is a president if the USA elected on the 8th of November, 2016. Political parties.There are two of them.- The Democratic Party (1820). The symbol of it is a donkey.- The Republican Party (1850). The symbol of it is an elephant.Obama and Clinton are democrats. Trump belongs to Republican Party. Branches of power in the USA.{2D5ABB26-0587-4C30-8999-92F81FD0307C}Executive Branchlegislative BranchJudicial BranchPresidentVice-President. Cabinet departments(Administration)1. State2. Treasury3. Defence4. Justice5. Interior6. Aquiculture7. Commerce8. Labor9. Energy10. Health and human services11. Transportation12. Housing and urban Developenent13. Education14. Veteran’s AffairsCongress House of Representatives (435 members)SenafePresident of the Senafe is the vice-president of the USA (, 2 from each state).Suprime CourtChief Justice and 8 associate justices. Should be a politician ideal.In my opinion the policy of the state depends on politicians.. He/She should have some special qualities. I’ve chosen some positive traits of the ideal politician.SociableHonestPatientPowerfulLoyalRisk-takingSelf-reliantSelf-confidentFlexible Clever I wish all heads of the states to be such persons. They will be ideal. But it is only a dream. Compare the political systems of the UK and the USA.{2D5ABB26-0587-4C30-8999-92F81FD0307C}The USAThe UK1) The President is the head of the executive branch of power (Administration).1) The Prime-Minister is the head of the executive branch of power (Government)2) The President and the members of the US the House of Representatives are elected).3) The members of the Cabinet (Administration) are appointed). The Senate is also appointed.2) The members of the House of Commons are elected.3) The Prime-Minister and the Cabinet (Government are appointed)4) The President is both the head of the state and of government (executive branch).5) The Congress consists of the House of Representatives and the Senate.4) The Queen is officially the head of state. Prime-Minister is really the head of the UK.5) Parliament is made up of two chambers the House of Lords and the House of Commons. Conclusion:At the end of my project you can see some similarities and differences between political systems of the USA and the UK.I believe you’ve understood how the systems operate but they are not ideal.

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