Презентация «День- ночь — сутки прочь!» — английский язык, презентации

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Презентация«ДЕНЬ – НОЧЬ – СУТКИ ПРОЧЬ!»ОТКРЫТЫЙ УРОК В 6 «Б» КЛ.МБОУ КРАСНОАРМЕЙСКАЯ СОШУЧИТЕЛЬ:БАЛАКИНА Г.И.2016 Г. THE MOTTO:DAY IN, DAY OUT.День внутри – день вне.День-ночь – сутки прочь.Daily routine Quiz «Harry Potter Routine »1.Harry Potter lives with…2.He goes to…3.Harry usually has breakfast in…4.He studies Herbology…a week.5.He studies the night skies every…6.He often plays…7.Harry and his friends usually…after dinner.8.He always sleeps in his… GROUP WORKRead the sentences. Which expresses: a daily routine? A habit? A permanent state?She always sleeps early.He reads books in his free time.He lives in Moscow. WRITE THE THIRD PERSON SINGULARI go – he goesI sleep –she sleepsI study–she studiesI play –he playsI catch–he catchesI fix – he fixesI wash–she washesI cry –he criesГари потер картинка

Let’s play!«MAGIC LEAVS »123 FILL IN THE CORRECT FORM OF THE VERBS.What time……(school/start)?……(Harry/eat) frogs for lunch?He …(teach) History of Magic.He…(go) to school on foot.Do or does? ADVERBS OF FREQUENCYALWAYSUSUALLYOFTENSOMETIMESRARELYNEVER
Writing( a paragraph about your typical day)Portfolio: what’s a typical Monday for you?HOME TASK :

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