Презентация Against all odds, учебник Spotlight 11 — английский язык, презентации

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Simon was 21 when, he faced life or death decision Siula Grande,21,000-foot peak Two bold young men decided to conquer the peak They reached the summit without any problems For their descent they chose an easier path. But on their route the disaster struck Joe slipped and broke his leg in 3 different places Against all odds Simon decided to get his friend to the safety using a rope He began lowering his friend down the mountain Without knowing it, Simon lowed his friend over the edge of a deep crevasse. They were too far from each other to communicate One hundred incredibly painful metres at a time.Simon strength grew weaker and he cut the rope Joe’s fingers were so frostbitten, that he couldn’t climb Simon made a painful decision- save his own life But in doing so he sent his friend to certain death Joe had no food or water… but he was alive He was close to death but he didn’t want to die alone It took him 4 days to get to safety His great courage and determination saved him Two years later and after 6 operations Joe began to climb again Did Simon make the right decision? What would you do?

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