Контрольная работа для учащихся 5 классов по теме My home is my castle 3 модуль — английский язык, тесты

Progress Check
3 ModuleLook at the picture. Fill in: is, isn’t, are, aren’t. 5. Fill in: on, in, behind, in front of, under, next to.

1 There … some chairs. 1) The lamp in … the sofa.
2 There … a television. 2) The paintings are… the sofa.
3 There… two sinks. 3) The flowers are … the table.
4 There… a table. 4) The carpet is … the coffee table.
5 There… paintings. 5) The coffee table is …the sofa.
6 There … five books. 6) There is a sofa … the room.
7 There …a carpet.
Cross the odd word out.
1 bath-sink-table-chairs2 bookcase-desk-fridge-bed3 carpet-washbasin-television-coffee table
4 bedroom-living room-hall-garage5 bathroom-wardrobe-kitchen-dining roomMatch the exchanges:
1 Where’re the books? A) The 3d.
2 Is there a computer in your room? B) This one here.
3 Which is my room? C) They’re on the bookcase.
4 What’s your new flat like? D) It’s nice.
5 Which floor is your flat on? E) Yes, there is.
Write the ordinal numbers.
1ый 5) 2ой
4ый 6) 5ый
15ый 7) 12ый
17ый 8) 20ый

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