Контрольная работа по английскому языку в 11 классе по 1 разделу World of opportunities — английский язык, тесты

Контрольная работа по английскому языку в 11 классе
за 1 четверть к учебнику Кауфман К.И.
I.Read the text and fill in the gaps using the parts of the sentences below.
Studying abroad.An old friend of mine Janis Kovalski left Warsaw for Frankfurt (a)_________ he is going his PhD in paleontology there. Why Frankfurt? The answer is simple- the Senckenberg Research Institute (b)____ .
(c)______ this gifted young man was delighted to get a place in Frankfurt. At the moment he is interested in reconstructing our ancestors’ diet, so he is devoting his time to 3D models of Neanderthal teeth.
He started getting used to living in the new city, although (d)_______ .
The main difficulty was the language, of course. He studied English (e)_________ , at school but German was a must if he wanted to make new friends. So Janis spends two evenings a week studying German and
has made a huge progress since October, (f)_____ . He also joined a local football club and is proud of becoming their goalkeeper.
Nowadays Janis is very busy. He doesn’t know how to find the time for his usual evening telephone conversations with his family and friends, (g)_________ .
1.when he started the course
2. which he could also use with his colleagues
3.it hasn’t always been smooth sailing
4. after receiving a grant from the European Virtual Anthropology Network
5. after graduating from Warsaw university
6.which used to be his lifeline when he first left home
7. with its world famous department of Paleontology
II.Complete the sentences with the words below. Use the right form of the verbs.
1.This student surprised everybody by his unusually high … . His teachers were very pleased.
2.I have to work extremely hard to … this university.
3.On Monday my friend is going … an exam.
4.If he … this exam, he will have to repeat this course.
5.I don’t think she has any … yet. She is an undergraduate student.
6.Before leaving school we have to sit NSE on … subjects.
7.Peter gets only excellent grades. He is … .8.I want to impress my examiners, so I am taking a lot of … exams.
9.There is a high … for places, so many applicants will be disappointed.
10.Those British students, who want to get into universities, take … ._______________________________________________
Degree, to get into, optional, A-level, academically minded, competition, to fail, grades, to sit, compulsory.
III.Choose the right prepositions.
1)Sandra insisted (on/in) applying to Oxford.
2)What could prevent him (of/from) calling us?
3)My friend is very fond (of/on) reading.
4)Jane is proud (of/at) getting a place at Edinburgh University.
5)Grandmothers always look forward (for/to) hearing from their grandchildren.
6)I am glad you succeeded (in/on) solving this problem.
7)Teachers are responsible (at/for) making us work harder.
8)All the students in my class are interested (for/in) getting a higher education.
9)I know Jack, he will object ( to/for) studying on Sunday.
10)She thanked him (for/to) coming.

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