Контрольная работа по английскому языку в 8 классе по 1 разделу Sport and outdoor activities — английский язык, тесты

Контрольная работа по английскому языку в 8 классе
(учебник Афанасьевой О.В. “Rainbow English”) Unit 1. Sport and outdoor activities.I. Listening
1. Listen and complete the sentences
1) Basketball … . a) is an old traditional game
b) is an old Indian game
c) is an old game that appeared thanks to one person
2) The “father” of the game was … . a) Canadian b) British c) American
3) Naismith was … . a) a school teacher b) a student c) a trainer
4) The new game of basketball appeared in … . a) 1981 b) 1891 c) 1819
5) For basketball rules Naismith used the rules of … . a) football b) a traditional Indian game
c) both football and Indian game
II. Reading
2. Read the text and complete it with the following word combinations.
a) comes from the Icelandic
b) snowy winters
c) you think that ski races
d) could ski very well
e) is a modern sport
f) hunting to forests or mountains
How Did Skiing Begin?
You may think the skiing 1)_________ , but in fact it is one of the oldest forms of travelling that man knows. The word itself 2)________word which means “snowshoe”, or “piece of wood”. Some scientists say that skiing goes back to the Stone Age, and all of them believe that ancient people of Scandinavia 3)_________ and made skis of the bones of animals. There is even a picture on stone that is 900 years old that shows a ski runner.
Skiing as a sport began in Norway. This northern country always had 4)________and there was much snow in the fields and in the woods for many months. So people used skis to get about. They used skis in winter when they went 5)_______, they used skis when they went to visit neighbours or had to go to the market.
And if 6) ________ are a modern tradition you are not right again. It may surprise you to know that they were having ski competitions back in 1767!
III. Use of English
3. Choose the right words to complete the sentences.
1)There are eight people in the spaceship (team/crew). 2) Bob can be (honest/dishonest). He tells lies easily. 3) If you are not trained enough, doing some exercises can be (painless/painful). 4) When Jim saw Mary, she was crying and looked absolutely (helpful/helpless). 5) The pupils ended their meeting (in/with) the school hymn. 6) There are great (climatic/climate) changes in this region. 7) Your answer is not quite full Peter. (What else/where else) can you add to it. 8) The students lost their way in the forest but fortunately they ended (up/in) at the camp. 9) Mark was (excited/exciting) about going abroad. 10) To know three foreign languages is a great (advantage/disadvantage).
4. Complete the sentences. Use Past Simple or Past Perfect
1)When I (come) into the kitchen and (want) to help my sister she already (wash) the dishes.
2) When I (come) to the airport Sarah already (take) a taxi. 3) After Mary (win) the race, she (become) famous. 4) Bill said he (have) an advantage over his opponent as he (train) a lot. 5) When I (see) Andrew yesterday, he already (return) the day before. 6) The match (end) in a draw by 9 p.m. 7) Susan (fell) discomfort on the plane because she (not fly) before. 8) The Smiths (build) a new cottage by the end of summer.

IV. Writing
5. Write these in English.
1)Кричать (звать) на помощь; 2) что-нибудь еще; 3) спортивное оборудование; 4) выиграть приз; 5) улыбаться кому-либо; 6) конец месяца; 7) иметь преимущество; 8) благородная профессия; 9) человек чести; 10) война и мир;V. Speaking
6. Speak about sport in your life. You can mention:
the sports you like;
the sports you did or are doing
what you prefer to do in different seasons;
sport in your school;
why is sport important to you.
Аудиозапись № 18 к упражнению 1
Basketball is one of the most popular games in the world and especially in the United States of America where it first appeared. Millions of spectators watch every important national and international game in this country.
It may be interesting to know that basketball didn’t develop slowly over the centuries as some old traditional games did. We can say for sure where and when it appeared.
The man who first thought of this game and who made up its rules lived in Springfield, Massachusetts. He taught physical education at the Springfield training school. He was a Canadian, his name was Naismith. Once in the year 1891, Mr Naismith decided to make his lessons more interesting for his students and he thought that they needed a new indoor game. For this new game he used the rules of an old Indian game together with the rules of British football.
When the teacher first asked his students to play the new game, he put on the walls two old wooden baskets. To score a goal a player had to get the ball into the basket. That’s why Naismith gave the new game the name of basketball.
Nowadays practically every nation of the world plays basketball. They often say that it is an international game.

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