План-конспект урока в 10 классе на тему Школа по учебнику Английский в фокусе — английский язык, уроки

School Life (1)
I am a pupil of the 11-th form, I study at school number 9. I would like to tell your about our school life.
I go to school five days a week. Our classes start at 8 o'clock a. m. and last till 3 o'clock p.m. So we have 6 or 7 lessons a day. We study many different subjects: Russian, English, French, literatures, history, geography, biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, programming and computer sciences.
Languages, literature and history are my favourite subjects. I make good marks in these subjects. The school year is divided into four terms, called quarters. It begins on the 1st of September known as a Day of knowledge and finishes in May.
Each quarter is followed by holidays. Every pupil has a day-book where the teachers put down the marks, that pupil has earned at the class. During the classes pupils are to answer the teacher's questions, do some exercises, write sentences, count, read.
The pupils are often called to the blackboard. After every lesson the teachers give us home assignment. At the next lesson the teachers check them up. To do good at school one should make home assignments regularly, be active at the lessons and spend at least two-three hours every day studying.
I like studying. My favourite proverb is "Live and learn".  
to last — продолжаться programming — программирование to check up — проверять regularly — регулярно proverb — пословица live and learn — век живи, век учись. computer science — информатика favourite — любимый to divide — разделять quarter — четверть day-book — дневник to earn a mark for the answer — получать оценку home assignment — домашнее задание to check up — проверять regularly — регулярно proverb — пословица live and learn — век живи, век учись.
Открытый урок английского языка по теме "Школьная жизнь. Образование в Америке и России.
10 класс

Цели урока:
Активизация изученного материала по теме «Школа».
Совершенствование навыков аудирования и чтения.
Закрепление лексических и грамматических навыков по .Оборудование: слайды по теме «Школа», проектор, учебник «Спотлайт»для 10 класса.
I. Организационный момент
– Good morning boys and girls.– Glad to see you again.– So, boys and girls. Today we’ll talk about British and Russian schools, You know, education plays an important rolet in everybody’s life. Good education is a good foundation for the future life, especially for you – the young generation. To bеgin with I would like to ask you: «How many pupils attend Russian schools in 2015?» (слайд 2)
II. Речевая разминка
– So, our theme is school life. Here are some proverbs about school and education. Listen and read. (Слайд 3). .
Live and learn. - век живи - век учись
Knowledge is a power. Знание - сила
It is never too late to learn. Никогда не поздно учиться
Practice makes perfect. Трудом достигается успех (без труда не выловишь и рыбку из пруда)
Diligence is the mother of success. Прилежание/ усердие - мать успеха
III. Активизация лексики по теме «Школа».
To begin with- let’s review words and phrases to our theme. Some riddles for you.
What’ the English for - перемена, уроки, столовая, средняя школа, получить образование, блюда, расценки, расписание, любимый урок, одноклассник, урок физкультуры.
A pause between 2 lessons, - break
A place you have lunch - dining room
A place where students of the age 14-17 study - high school
What do students do (get) at the university? - get education
A kind of product or food at the school dining room - dish
The cost of the dish -price
What shows the order of the lesson every day - timetable
A lesson you like most of all - favorite lesson
A student you study together in the class -classmate
A lesson where you physically very active - PE
One more question
– What is school for you? Why do you go to school? What for?
(слайд 4).
– Get a lot of knowledge.– Make friends.– Get a lot of information.– Learn new things.– Communicate with classmates.– Take part in school activities.– Do sports.

School days are the happiest days in your life. There are some advantages and disadvantages in the. school life. What do you like and what don’t you like at school? (Слайд 5)
IV. Проверка домашнего задания (Мнение учеников о школьном образовании)
School Education in Russia
Primary School - Primary Education
The Russian children usually start to go to school when they are seven years old. First the children learn at the primary school. They attend the primary school for four years. Children get there the elementary education. It means they learn to count, to read and to write. In most schools children also learn a foreign language beginning from the second form.
Secondary School- high Education
The fifth form means the beginning of the secondary education. Children learn different subjects, for example Biology, Literature, Chemistry, Physics, IT. In Russia the nine-year basic incomplete secondary education is compulsory. After the 9th form children can continue their schooling or get the complete eleven-year secondary education. On the other hand, they can enter a college giving them the complete secondary education and proffesional training. After graduating from college the young people become financially independent and can start to work.
All in all, there are different types of schools in Russia. The children and their parents can choose a regular school , a school with advanced study of some subject, a private school. Private schools in Russia are always fee-paying. After graduating from school or college our young people can enter universities or institutes, where they get higher education.
What about our school? Your class? Слайды (6) о нашей школе (4-5 слайдов) из жизни 10 класса
V. Совершенствование навыков аудирования . Работа над текстом.
стр. 57 упр. 2 (учебник)
And now, what about American high school? Let’s find out some interesting information about it from the text. (Слайд- фото) из учебн. cтр 57
Работа по тексту …. Прослушивание текста
Упр.3 а заполнить пропуски по прослушиванию
Remove (take away) brackets and put the verbs in the right formУпр.3 b Explain underlined words – informal teaching style
School life
Sport and extra-curricular activities
Would you like to spend a year in an American high school? (примерный текст из книги для учителя)
What would you like? What you wouldn’t?
Работа в парах (группах)???????????7,,
VI. Домашнее задание. Упр.5 стр.57.
Составит буклет по образцу о приглашении детей в Российскую школу из-за рубежа.
VII. Подведение итогов урока. Let’s make a conclusion. Now, I would like to know what’s the difference between the Russian and American education? Ученики один за другим называют отличия Российского и Американского образования.
– That’s all for today. Thank you for your active work! Your marks for the lesson…..
Придумать несколько упр на тему школа для работы после текста
– British children go to school at the age of 4 or 5. They go to instant school or kindergarten.– Then they go to secondary school at the age of 10 or 11.– There are different types of school: grammar, secondary, technical and comprehensive schools.– They have 6, 7 lessons every day, after 2 or 3 lessons they have lunch.– They study academic subjects: Mathematics, English, Physics, History and some extra courses such as Music, Drama, Art.– At the end of each quarter or semester they have tests.– The atmosphere in British schools is friendly. Students talk freely to teachers. Teachers listen to students’ opinion. They respect each other.– They discuss any problems openly.– School prepares children for real life.– After finishing school they go to Universities or Colleges.

VI. Совершенствование навыков устной речи по теме «Школа» (слайды 16-19)
1) What do you think  about a perfect school? Read the list of the ideas about a perfect school.2) Do you agree with them? Share your ideas, please.3) (Слайды 20-28). Now we shall talk about our school.– What can you say about our school? Describe it.– What classrooms are there? What subjects do you study? – What foreign language do you study?– Do you do sport? Do you have PE lessons?– What activities do you take part in?– What are the relations between our teachers and students? What is the atmosphere in our school?– Do you like our school and why?
VII. Обучение учащихся работе в группе. Совершенствование навыков письменной речи
Divide into groups of two
– You will draw a poster and write your own proposals about a school your dream. You have 5 minutes then we shall listen to your opinion.
VIII. Подведение итогов урока
– That’s all for today. Thank you for your active work!
IX. Homework. 
– Ex.35 page 96. Write a letter about

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