Презентация по английскому языку на тему Partnership in epoch of changes

"Қазтұтынуодағы Қостанай экономика колледжi" МекемесіУчреждение "Костанайский экономический колледж Казпотребсоюза"
Kostanay higher economic college of KazpotrebsouyzСАБАҚ ЖОСПАРЫ
Дисциплина /Subject : English
Тақырыбы .
Тема /Theme: Partnership in epoch of changes
Сабақтың түрі
Тип урока /Types of the lesson Practical
Сабақтың мақсаттары
Цели урока/Aims of the lesson:
образовательные /educational: to fix the theme of the pronouns lesson;to accumulate knowledge; to teach to give summary.
развивающие/developing: to encourage students interest to the subject; to expend informational horizons;
воспитательные/educative: to respond to the students as individuals;to promote interpersonal relationship;to create competitive environment;
Сабақтың жабдықтары
Оборудование урока/The equipment of the lesson:
көрнекілік құралдар
наглядные пособия/ visual aids: Cards,pictiures ,copies,books and dictionaries
үлестірімді құралдар
раздаточный материал/ distributing material:Copies, books and dictionaries.
ТСО / Training Facilities:
Литература/Literature:T.A.Karpova, A.S. Voskovskaya ,English
Сабақтың мазмұны
Содержание занятия/ The content of lesson
Этапы/Parts Уақыт
1.Организационная часть 1-2 min
2.Phonetic exercise 3 min
3.Cheking the homework 25 min
4.Presentation of new theme 40 min
5.Fixing the knowledge 7 min
6.Summary 3 min
Сабақтың барысы
Ход урока/ the course of lesson
Оқутышының іс - әрекеті
Деятельность преподавателя/ The activities of the teacher Оқушының іс - әрекеті
Деятельность обучающихсяThe activities of the students
I. Organization moment:
Good morning, students.I,m glad to see you.How are you?Sit down, please. Who is on duty today? Who is absent?What day is it today? What date is it today?What is the weather like today?
II.Phonetic exercise.
Now listen to me and repeat the words after me: trouble, wisdom, whisper,broken-hearted,answer,shines.cloudy.Let’s sing a song “Let it be”
III.Cheking the homework.
Let’s remember the theme from your last lesson. At last lesson we have learned “Modern technology in medicine. Non-Finite Forms of the verb.”.IV.Presentation of the new theme.
Now,listen to me very attentively and looked at the blackboard. The theme of the lesson is “Partnership in epoch of changes”. We’ll read the text ,translate it and do the exercises after the text.
V.Fixing the knowledge
Now,answer my questions .What do you learn at the lesson? What kind of grammar do you know?What can you say about it? Let’s do some exercises.Open your books on page… , do exercise. Have you finished? Let’s check it.
VI.Consolidation of the lesson.
Now, answer my questions.What can you tell me about today’s lesson? Was is sensible,useful…?What kind of grammar material do you learn at the lesson?
VII.Home task.
1.Retell a topic 2. Grammar material .You have worked well today.I’m grateful to all of you for today’s lesson .Your marks for the lesson .The lesson is over .Goodbye.

Teacher: Бекмагамбетова Г.К

The students greeted the teacher. A student answers the teacher’s question and listens very
The students repeat the words,they sing a song “Let it be”.
The students tell your homework
The students are divided into 2 groups, read and translate their extracts. While reading the text they mark the main ideas of the extracts.
The students listen to the teacher’s explanation of grammar material and do different oral and written practice exercises.
The students answer the questions.
The students write down the home task. The students listen the result of the lesson.
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